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Apples Peeled
April / May 2022

Research Inventory

SA Fruit Journal: April / May 2022

A list of Hortgro-funded research projects related to internal browning in apples

Completed projects

2010. Lötze E. Modelling internal browning of Cripps Pink apples.

2011. Crouch IJ and Crouch EM. Factors influencing flesh browning in Cripps Pink apples.

2012. Bergman H, Crouch IJ, Crouch EM and Majoni TJ. The effect of rate of cooling and storage temperature on the storage potential of Cripps Pink apples cold stored under controlled-atmosphere conditions.

2015. Crouch EM, Bergman H, Crouch IJ and Butler L. The relation between Cripps Pink internal browning and pre-harvest temperatures, mineral nutrition, tree age, soil type etc. in two production areas after long-term CA storage and the evaluation of non-destructive NIR techniques for sorting internally brown fruit.

2016. Tayler H. Physiological profiling of Rosy Glow apples harvested at different maturities, with special reference to internal-browning development potential.

2018. Crouch EM. Harvest and storage condition plus duration influencing internal browning and fruit quality of Rosy Glow.

2018. Viljoen D and Tayler H. Identification of factors involved in the expression of internal browning in Fuji apples and the development of a strategy to reduce risk of incidence.

2020. Crouch EM, Crouch IJ and Chigwaya K. Fuji browning types explored via X-Ray CT in collaboration with existing trial.

2020. Tayler H, Viljoen D and Crouch EM. To investigate different stepdown cooling regimes, utilised in conjunction with 1-MCP, to reduce the risk of internal browning of Cripps Pink apples and provide year-round supply of good quality fruit.

Current projects

  • Botes WJ, Crouch EM and Kriegler A. Investigate the effect of stepwise cooling on superficial scald and internal browning in apples.
  • Chigwaya K and Viljoen D. Assessment of fruit density as an indicator of internal-browning susceptibility in Fuji apples.
  • Crouch EM. Internal browning of Cripps Pink apples – DCA-CF and long-term storage with best-practice protocol.
  • Crouch EM. Internal browning of Cripps Pink apples – effect of growing-region temperature on radial browning and effect of canopy position on long-term storage quality.

New projects

  • Tayler H and Viljoen D. Harvest, storage temperature and duration influencing physiological defects (with special reference to internal browning) and fruit quality of a new Cripps Pink apple strain, Lady in Red.
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