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December 2021 / January 2022

Postharvest management of table grapes

SA Fruit Journal: December 2021 / January 2022

On 31 August and 28 September 2021, SATI hosted and broadcast its first online seminar titled “Postharvest Seminar” which was targeted at South African table grape producers and exporters. By Tarryn Wettergreen

The aim of the SATI online seminar was to re-emphasise the importance of understanding the principles that must drive key choices for producing top quality grapes. The following quality-centric topics were presented:

  1. Cultivation of table grapes (optimal quality and condition) – Wietz Botes
  2. Principles of humidity management – Marius Huysamer
  3. Decay management of table grapes – Johan Fourie
  4. Principles of cooling – Marius Huysamer
  5. Commentary on the table grape cold chain – practical observations including the past season and the relevance of protocols and packaging specifications – Dawie Moelich
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