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October / November 2021

Research Overview SATI 2016 – 2020 levy cycle

SA Fruit Journal: October / November 2021

One of the primary objectives of the SA Table Grape Industry (SATI) is market access, with the specific mandate to play a role in gaining access to new export markets and retaining and optimising access to existing markets. By Anna Mouton and Tarryn Wettergreen

Market access objectives are achieved through SATI’s operational focus areas, one of which is Research and Technical Transfer.

The role of Research and technical transfer in market access is to fund projects that fall within two broad categories:

Market preparedness: projects that ensure that SA can continue to supply good quality produce according to required specifications, including projects relating to production, quality, water and soil management. Crop protection and cultivar development fall within this category.

Market accessibility: projects that have a direct impact on gaining access to new markets, or on retention or optimisation of existing markets; projects that can be directly used to motivate for specific export protocols, or to ensure that access to a market is not prevented, are examples of those that fall within this theme.

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