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Sugra Thirty Five Featured
August / September 2023

Tips for cultivating Cv.Sugrathirtyfive in SA

SA Fruit Journal: August / September 2023

SA offers unique growing environments for Sun World varieties. By Michele Melillo, Sun World

Extending from Limpopo to the Hex River Valley, going through the Orange and Olifants River regions, Sun World varieties are planted in a wide range of soils and climates and are subjected to different cultural practices.

There are several challenges and opportunities linked to having the production of these varieties spread over several climatic areas.

In the last few years, changing climatic patterns have presented South African table-grape producers with significant challenges. A higher incidence of unseasonal rains has caused crop loss and lower fruit quality, resulting in higher farming costs.

Agriculture requires continuous adapting of farming practices, to changing climatic conditions. Adoption of more precise practices (nutrition, canopy management and irrigation are among the most important) and the use of protective measures (such as wider and more precise use of plastic covers) will become necessary for the South African table-grape industry to remain sustainable and competitive in the global market.

Potential cultivation challenges for 'Sugra35', with tips on how to overcome them

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