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Sati Fcm Genome Featured
June / July 2022

The FCM Genome – Completing the puzzle

SA Fruit Journal: June / July 2022

A project co-funded by HORTGRO and SATI has produced the first false codling moth genome. By Minette Karsten, Anandi Bierman and John S. Terblanche

False codling moth (FCM) – Thaumatotibia leucotreta is a tortricid moth, widespread throughout sub-Saharan Africa and is a major pest on several crop types, including certain stone fruit, citrus and vines. Current control practices for FCM include the integration of chemical, biological (e.g. viruses, entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs), entomopathogenic fungi (EPFs) and parasitoids) and cultural control techniques, as well as the sterile insect technique (SIT). However, in light of the wide host range of FCM and its phytosanitary status, there is opportunity to pre-emptively explore novel control options.

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