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1. Theory To Practice
February / March 2024

From theory to practice

SA Fruit Journal: February / March 2024

Irrigation research improves water productivity in Chile.

By Anna Mouton

Dr Samuel Ortega-Farias is the director of the Research and Extension Centre for Irrigation and Agroclimatology and a professor in the School of Agronomy in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Talca in Chile.
He specialises in modelling evapotranspiration, plant-water status, and irrigation management using remote sensing. His current projects focus on applying technologies such as drones and satellite-based sensors to improve sustainable water use and water productivity.
At the 2023 ISHS Irrigation Symposium in Stellenbosch, Ortega-Farias participated in a panel discussion about bridging the gap between irrigation theory and practice. He shared some of his views on the topic in a recent interview.

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