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Safj Cold Treatment
December 2021 / January 2022

Cold treatment unlocks new fruit fly control options

SA Fruit Journal: December 2021 / January 2022

New research results suggest such an opportunity exists in the battle against false codling moth and fruit fly infestations. By Dr Aruna Manrakhan (Citrus Research International)

The risk that pests can be exported along with fruit has to be constantly mitigated in the world of international trade. False codling moth (FCM) and fruit fly are two species that require constant care on the part of the South African citrus industry, as both are of phytosanitary concern to some markets that import locally produced fruit.

Both of these pest species can be controlled using either stand-alone postharvest disinfestation methods (cold or irradiation) or with a systems approach that includes both pre- and postharvest treatments. An important benefit of the latter is a less severe cold treatment requirement, which reduces the risk of fruit chilling injuries.

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