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In Line Sorting Featured
April / May 2022

A futuristic view of in-line sorting

SA Fruit Journal: April / May 2022

In this interview, Prof Bart Nicolaï shares his insights into the potential for advanced technologies to help research and detect postharvest disorders. By Anna Mouton

Nicolaï heads the Postharvest Research Group of the Biosystems Department at the University of Leuven in Belgium, and is the director of the Flanders Centre of Postharvest Technology, a public-private partnership between the University of Leuven and the Association of Belgian Horticultural Co-operatives.

Q What technology is currently used for in-line scanning in packhouses?

A The only technology that I know of is based on near-infrared measurements. The idea is that you irradiate the fruit with near-infrared light. The light interacts with the chemicals and microstructural environment in the fruit, and if you then look at how the light changes while it travels through the fruit you can learn something about what is inside.

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