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Sa Fruit Journal 2021 04 C Anthony Hill Evaluation Site Buffelskraal
April / May 2021

UPDATE: Industry-driven evaluation of ARC-bred table grape cultivars

SA Fruit Journal: April / May 2021

Main Image: Anthony Hill in the evaluation site on his farm, Buffelskraal.

In 2016 SATI reached an agreement with the ARC, which has allowed them to oversee the evaluation of ARC-bred cultivars by industry, for industry. Since then, in partnership with the ARC and Culdevco, SATI has overseen the roll- out of an “industry-driven cultivar evaluation” of ARC-bred cultivars. By Tarryn Wettergreen

Establishment of “industry-driven cultivar evaluation”

In 2014 SATI initiated discussions and began actively engaging with the ARC, with the intention of agreeing on an approach that would give South African table grape producers more direct exposure to ARCbred table grape cultivars. It was SATI’s conviction that evaluating cultivars in each of the regions would facilitate the generation of more accurate information about each selection’s (cultivar’s) overall performance, while providing producers with evaluation results in “real-time”. At the start of these discussions, the ARC-bred cultivars were being bred, screened and evaluated on ARC research farms, largely based in the Western Cape. Consensus was reached between SATI and the ARC: table grape breeding was to be continued at Nietvoorbij and screening and evaluation could be done in industry, by industry (“industry-driven”). In 2016 SATI and the ARC formalised this arrangement by signing a material transfer agreement (MTA).

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