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August / September 2022

The Lenticel Damage Picture becomes Clearer

SA Fruit Journal: August / September 2022

Finding solutions for lenticel damage is a priority for the local industry, but it is not a simple matter. By Danie Lemmer

Lenticel damage comes in the form of small black spots – a mere 1mm – 5mm in diameter – that appear on the fruit surface and have a significantly adverse effect on the marketability of avocadoes.

The spots/speckles are open pores that allow oxygen into the plant tissue and, simultaneously, the release of carbon dioxide and water vapour.

This disorder occurs when the fruit skin is damaged in the region of the lentils, causing the light speckles to turn into unsightly, clearly visible brown or black spots. Given consumers' preference for unblemished produce, suppliers know: clean fruit you win, lenticel damage you lose.

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