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February / March 2023

Sustainable agriculture needs ecological infrastructure

SA Fruit Journal: February / March 2023

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture believes that ecosystem investment builds ecological infrastructure that enables sustainable agriculture. By Anna Mouton

Services – from water and sanitation to baristas and banks – support our lives, but we seldom pause to consider exactly who provides them. Who installed and maintains the pipes and sewers that lead to and from your home or business? How is water managed and treated to ensure its safety? And where does it flow from in the first place?

When it comes to providing the most essential services – supplying air, water, food, energy, and security – we depend on ecosystems. This is why we need to invest in ecological infrastructure in the same way as we would invest in water purification or wastewater treatment works, according to Ashia Petersen, Director of Sustainable Resource Management at the Western Cape Department of Agriculture.

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