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Safj Glen Fruin Featured
October / November 2022

Glen Fruin

SA Fruit Journal: October / November 2022

Bigbucks on M.9 Nic 29 yields 60 tonnes/ha in its fourth leaf. By Anna Mouton

Glen Fruin managing director Ross Heyns was initially underwhelmed by the trees he planted in June 2018. The smallest were only about 70 cm high and pencil-thin. Even the strongest trees stood just 1.3 m tall. But they went on to produce 8 tonnes/ha in their second and 47 tonnes/ha in their third leaf.

Growth took off towards the end of the first summer and the trees averaged 1.3 m leader growth in the first leaf – the best put on 2.2 m. Unfortunately, most of their lateral growth was lower down and most of the fruit in the second leaf was against the trunk. This further inhibited branching.

In hindsight, Heyns thinks these trees may have benefitted from trunk renewal in the second leaf. But most have reached a height of 100% of row width and are starting to fill their space.

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