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Safj Fcm Gene Flow Featured
October / November 2022

FCM gene flow in agricultural environments

SA Fruit Journal: October / November 2022

A project co-funded by HORTGRO and SATI has produced information on the dispersal patterns of false codling moth across SA. By Minette Karsten, Anandi Bierman, John S. Terblanche

False codling moth (Thaumatotibia leucotreta) (FCM) is a pest of many fruit crops, and a wide array of pre- and postharvest management strategies are employed to ensure that fruit can be exported. Many of the pre-harvest strategies are dependent on scale and location for successful implementation and therefore, are dependent on information pertaining to the dispersal of FCM across the agricultural landscape. It is critical to understand these movement patterns to shed light on, for example, adaptation to local environmental conditions, development of insecticide resistance or host races and movement across heterogeneous landscapes.

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