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Postharvest Pathology
June / July 2023

Extension briefs June and July 2023

SA Fruit Journal: June / July 2023

By Hannes Bester, MC Pretorius, Wayne Mommsen, Coenraad Fraenkel, André Combrink, Catherine Savage, Natasha Jackson and Jan Landman (Citrus Research International)

Integrated pest management

False codling moth (S.D. Moore)

Orchard sanitation must continue diligently during the harvesting period. All fruit remaining on trees after harvest must be removed and destroyed within no more than two weeks after completion of harvesting. This is because false codling moth (FCM) activity does not cease during winter, and any remaining fruit could serve to facilitate this activity. In addition, this winter fruit creates a reservoir of inoculum of FCM for the following spring. Conversely, removal of all fruit after harvest could dramatically reduce FCM levels in the following season. Fruit fly numbers can also build up on unharvested fruit.

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