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Sa Fruit Journal Aug Sept 2021 Lemon
August / September 2021

Extension Briefs for August and September 2021

SA Fruit Journal: August / September 2021

By J.J. Bester, Mathys Pretorius, Wayne Mommsen and Catherine Savage (Citrus Research International)

Integrated pest management

Citrus thrips (T.G. Grout)

Suppressing citrus thrips populations on the spring growth flush will assist in lowering populations experienced at petal fall. On younger trees a methamidophos or
acephate (Spectra Stem) stem treatment is a useful option for this. An alternative may be an organophosphate that cannot be sprayed after petal fall, but sprays should be completed before flowers open to reduce any impact on honey bees. If mealybug requires control, the organophosphate could be sprayed at full cover. These treatments will also reduce developing populations of citrus psylla. Avoid using abamectin at this time because it will be needed for citrus thrips control in summer, and only three applications are permitted per season.

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