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Sa Fruit Journal 2021 04 G Bluegreen Citrus Nibbler
April / May 2021

The blue-green citrus nibbler

SA Fruit Journal: April / May 2021

A visitor amongst us

By Evans Mauda and Sean Moore (Citrus Research International)


Chrysomelids, commonly known as leaf beetles, belong to one of the largest families of the order Coleoptera, the Chrysomelidae family. Insects in this family show great diversity, and variation in colour, shape and size. Adults and larvae of these species are mostly herbivorous, with few species known to be host-specific (Vela et al., 2014). Some chrysomelids have been used around the world as biological control agents of alien invasive weeds (e.g. Cripps, 2013; Winston et al., 2014; Cripps et al., 2019; Chari et al., 2020).

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