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Safj 2022 12 High Colour Royal Beauts Featured
December 2022 / January 2023

SEARCHING FOR STABILITY In an unstable environment

SA Fruit Journal: December 2022 / January 2023

Instability often leads to an increase in uncertainty, discourages investment, and negatively impacts any product or system in which instability is identified. By Waheed Mahomed

The instability experienced over the past few years has left many feeling insecure. Likewise, the apple is also subject to questions of stability regarding aspects like shape, bearing, storage and – perhaps most importantly – colour.

Let's take Royal Beaut, a mutation of Royal Gala – the latter being a mutation of the Gala apple that was selected for its darker red skin colour. Royal Gala was found as a branch mutation on a Gala tree by Bill Ten Hove in New Zealand in 1969 and by 1990, 2 million cartons of Royal Gala had been produced in New Zealand annually. Gala, the discovery of Royal by Bill Ten Hove, revitalized the New Zealand apple industry. Like all strains of Gala, Royal Gala has an aromatic taste but is prone to revert to a colour that is less appealing.

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