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SA Fruit Journal

Van Ogie tot Boord : Feb / Mar 2021

Hortgro Science slaan ag op plantmateriaal Deur Anna Mouton ’n Behoefte is geïdentif iseer vir riglyne wat die beste praktyke rondom die hantering van kwekerybome beskryf, vandat hulle in die kwekery gelig word totdat hulle geplant word. “Die kwaliteit van plantmateriaal is met behulp van verskeie inisiatiewe as een van die groot tekortkominge in ons […]

Die Sagtevrugteplantverbeteringskema : Feb / Mar 2021

Eersteklas boorde begin met ‘n blou etiket Anna Mouton en Rachel Kriel werp lig op die Sagtevrugteplantverbeteringskema. Wat is die Sagtevrugteplantverbeteringskema? Die Sagtevrugteplantverbeteringskema is ‘n vrywillige sertifiseringsprogram vir plantmateriaal. Die Skema word bestuur deur Plantverbetering Suid-Afrika. Deelname is verpligtend vir die registrasie van nuwe of verbeterde variëteite of klone. Slegs deelnemende Plantverbeteringsorganisasies mag aansoek doen […]

Rachis Browning : Feb / Mar 2021

Why it happens and how to prevent it By Anna Mouton We need to know more about the rachis physiology, but there is limited information. Harvest at the right time – thinking of the berry and the rachis – and know the storage potential of your variety. “The rachis is one of the key freshness […]

Getting Grapes to Market : Feb / Mar 2021

How can South African postharvest practices improve? By Anna Mouton South Africa faces similar challenges to Chile, Peru and Australia when exporting table grapes to the northern hemisphere, especially to Asia. Dawie Moelich, technical and market access manager at SATI, explored the contrasting approaches of these countries to cold-chain practices and packaging, and discussed the […]

Brown Rot : Feb / Mar 2021

BROWN ROT Getting to know your citrus postharvest diseases Brown rot is the term we tend to give to any number of brownish rots, simply based on the colour, and we never look further to correctly identify the disease. Unfortunately, from QC reports or pictures, it is not always easy to tell what the cause […]

Trapping for Asian Citrus Psyllid in Southern Africa : Feb / Mar 2021

Current status and the way forward Aruna Manrakhan*, Xolani Sibiya, Glynnis Cook, Rochelle de Bruyn, Wayne Kirkman, Elma Carstens, Mathys Pretorius, Paul Fourie and Solomon Gebeyehu The presence of the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) (Fig. 1), Diaphorina citri Kuwayama (Hemiptera: Liviidae), in parts of Africa (Fig. 2) (Ajene et al., 2020a; Oke et al., 2020; […]

Extension Briefs for February and March 2021 : Feb / Mar 2021

By Hannes Bester, Mathys Pretorius (aka MC), Wayne Mommsen and Catherine Savage Mealybug (S.D. Moore) Growers should be scouting for mealybug regularly, by inspecting underneath calyces and thereby determining the percentage of fruit infested. Where mealybug is under good biocontrol, infestation should peak during December in the northern production areas and during January in the […]

Ants – Friend or foe? : Feb / Mar 2021

The presence of ants in citrus orchards can be altered from being a detrimental occurrence into a meaningful benefit to growers, if managed properly. Citrus Research International, Port Elizabeth; Centre for Biological Control, Rhodes University, Makhanda. By Sean Moore The pugnacious ant, Anoplolepis custodiens (Smith), and the brown house ant, Pheidole megacephala (Fabricius), are the […]