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Safj Hortgro Technical Postharvest Press 01
June / July 2023

Postharvest press from the archives

SA Fruit Journal: June / July 2023

Take a trip to a time when the average export cost for a case of apples was 10s 7½d, and £2 000 could get you a forklift. By Anna Mouton

Keep on trucking

In 1937 the Perishable Products Export Control Board began using battery trucks to move skids around the precooling stores at Table Bay Docks. Skids were 2.4 x 1.6 m wooden-slatted platforms mounted on heavy-duty wheels. Battery trucks, as described in an article in a 1951 edition of The Deciduous Fruit Grower, were the equivalent of forklifts.

"The battery truck, which has a large projecting tongue, pushes itself beneath the skid, and its mechanism then lifts the skid completely off the floor to a height of about three inches. The skid and its contents are then transported at about five miles per hour to its destination, where the battery truck drops it again to the floor."

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