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April / May 2024

Controlling CBS and inhibiting spore release

SA Fruit Journal: April / May 2024

Standard postharvest treatments control CBS and inhibit spore release.

By Providence Moyo, Siyethemba L. Masikane, Lindokuhle C. Mamba, Régis de Oliveira Fialho, Paul H. Fourie, and Vaughan Hattingh


Phyllosticta citricarpa causes citrus black spot (CBS) and is listed as a quarantine organism in the European Union (EU). Contrary to most other countries importing citrus fruit, the EU upholds an opinion that CBS-infected fruit may be a pathway for introduction of the CBS pathogen. Accordingly, the ability of pycnidia on fruit to produce pycnidiospores after exposure to standard packhouse treatments and shipping conditions, and the effect of these treatments on natural CBS infections were investigated. This was performed under simulated supply chain conditions culminating in the whole fruit, peel segments, or citrus pulp with CBS lesions being discarded under natural sunlight conditions.

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