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April / May 2024

Codling moth problems in pome-fruit orchards

SA Fruit Journal: April / May 2024

Introducing a novel patented virus-based biopesticide for effective biological control of codling moth larvae.

By Rob Elfick

Cydia pomonella, commonly referred to as the codling moth, is a prominent pest notorious for its detrimental impact on the pome fruit industry. It belongs to the family Tortricidae and poses a significant threat to both local and international fruit markets due to the damage inflicted by its larval feeding. The economic impact of codling moth infestations is substantial, as it can lead to significant losses in fruit yields. Infestations not only result in reduced crop yields but also render damaged fruits unmarketable. Controlling this pest presents challenges due to its ability to develop resistance to chemical and certain biopesticide treatments, as well as its adaptability to various environmental conditions.

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