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April / May 2024

Carbon sequestration in agri

SA Fruit Journal: April / May 2024

There’s a growing global focus on slowing the rate of climate change.

By Lisa Matthews and Chantelle Smit (Confronting Climate Change Initiative)

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Figure 1: Steps organisations can take on a carbon journey to achieving “net zero”

We know what is needed. It’s cuts in greenhouse gas emissions to the point where emissions are no longer accumulating in the atmosphere.

This is “net zero”, which is reached when all emitted greenhouse gases are balanced by emissions that are re-absorbed from the atmosphere or removed again. The sooner we get there, the better. The agriculture sector is already experiencing the impact of climate change through the increased occurrence of extreme weather events (heat waves, droughts, and unusual rainfall patterns). Organisations are under pressure to go beyond measuring emissions and to aim for sharp reductions (Figure 1).

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